Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just musing......

Having just bought a kiln, I am very anxious to get going on my work with PMC. Eventually I would like to enamel on the PMC but first I need to get back into creating with the clay. It has been over 5 years since I last worked with it.

It is hard to work a full time job and work at one’s art as well. I find it to be a constant struggle.Back in my early years as an artist, I worked in the evening so that I could paint during the day. I was very prolific in those days. But  let’s face it, how long can you work at night? Once the day job came along, my artwork suffered.

Making jewelry has been a little easier to do part time but I still find it difficult. I started taking Fridays off to work in my studio but Friday’s have been getting away from me lately. It seems as though there is always something to keep me out of my studio.

I keep perservering though and I am hopeful it will get better. I try to stay inspired each and every day. My day job is in a creative field and I am very thankful for that at least. If I couldn’t at least be creative in the day job I would literally go insane.

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