Monday, April 12, 2010

PMC Beadmaking Class with Linda Kaye Moses

My class is over. But what a wonderful class it was! I took a PMC beadmaking class at Metalwerx with Linda Kaye-Moses. I will post some pictures very soon. I only managed to finish 2 pieces. Other people in the class made quite a few more pieces than I did but I guess I just wanted to really take my time. Plus the first piece we made was made with slip. I had never worked with slip before and I was using it too thin. So the piece ended up taking twice as long as it should have.

However, making those 2 pieces really taught me a lot about metal clay. First of all it taught me to get over my fear of metal clay. Yes, I was afraid to touch the stuff. I had heard so much about it drying out etc, that I was afraid I would ruin it. And with the price of the clay being so high those two things together made me fear working in it. But I became very brave with the clay and rolled out big pieces! It was very freeing!

And the second thing I learned was how to get my jewelry up and out of "Flatland" (think Edward Tufte)! I have been a painter and graphic designer for so long that working 2 dimensionally was all I knew. Once you have done that for so long it becomes quite difficult to enter the world of sculptual forms. At least for me it did. In this class I learned to give my work form and volume. It was very exciting to me.

Stay tuned and I will post some photos this weekend!

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