Friday, April 30, 2010

PMC is like crack!

This is turning into a very expensive material! But I am hooked now and cannot stop....oh dear.
That said, today I ruined a piece. I was very sad. It was really beautiful before it went into the kiln.  I didn't allow for my granulated silver balls not to shrink and the shrinkage of the entire piece caused my granulation to move all over the piece. I tried removing them with the torch after it was fired but there are way too many of them and it is just too hard. I learned a lesson though, and I certainly won't do that again. I need to send in some scrap to Rio anyway so I will add that to the pile.
I have a new piece in the kiln now. Hopefully it won't have any problems. I did try a patina on the sunflower piece but it looked horrible. Sometimes a patina is not necessary and this was one of those times. So I put it back in the kiln to remove the patina, finished adding the gold foil and now I will finish it with some type of beads.
I need to figure that out next.

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