Friday, April 23, 2010

Wasted day in the studio today....

Some days are just not worth going into the studio and today was one of those days. It is doubly upsetting since I only have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to work in my studio. One day lost is a big deal. I began my day with a bone density test. Something we oldies have to have for maintenance. When I came home I went right to the studio. I decided to make some fine silver balls for adhering to metal clay and enamel. For some reason many of them were coming out in an oval shape rather than spherical. After more and more disasters, I gave up.

So then I decided to place gold foil pallions on my newest piece which you see in my previous post.  The pallions adhered beautifully. I put them under the heat lamp to dry and then disaster hit. I placed the enamel on and forgot to fire the gold first. Of course the enamel made all the gold foil peel off. All that gold foil, wasted. Then my son called to tell me there was a fire in his building and could he please bring the cat over while he cleans up his place. By then it was time for me to watch my grandson and bring him to soccer.

My biggest problem is that I don't have enough time to get into my studio and so I forget to do important steps in my jewelry making. If I could get into my studio every day, things would become habit and I wouldn't make these silly mistakes.

Maybe tomorrow I will get something done. Sigh.

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