Monday, May 17, 2010

Yay! I can make rings now!

First let me just say that I have always wanted to make rings. My very first jewelry project was a simple hammered band ring that I wear every day. It isn't perfect, in fact I can still see the seam on the inside but no matter, I have a special affinity for it.
It was the only ring I had ever made up until this weekend. I made, not one but two beautiful rings with a third on the bench. I used Kate McKinnon's ring making method and found it to be pretty much a miracle technique for me. I finally could concentrate on the design with out worrying about how to solder it all together.
Soldering, after all, has been the bane of my jewelry making existence. I simply hate it. I hate the flux, the firescale, the third hand, the pickle, the getting it just right only to have it slip out of place at the last minute etc. Plus I don't have a really good torch or the ability to even have one in my tiny condo.
With Kate's technique, (anyone who is interested in working in metal clay should have her new book/DVD, Sculptural Metal Clay), I can design what ever I want and putting it together is so simple using her "squidging" technique.
Kate uses "squidging" instead of the ubiquitous slip. Basically it is just placing water on both sides of bone dry clay and sliding it back and forth until it stops moving. When that happens it means that the clay has bonded with the clay. I can tell you that this is a much better way of working than using slip. I had an applique pop right off a piece because it was only joined with slip.
I will try and post some pictures of my new rings this week.

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