Thursday, June 10, 2010

This and That

front door, originally uploaded by Roberta Warshaw.

So far it looks like I may get into my studio this weekend. I feel like it has been forever. The last few weekends I have been dealing with family stuff and as usual, my art life goes neglected.
The weather is gloomy and I feel gloomy because of it. In a few weeks I will be going off line for two glorious weeks. Every summer we go to this very magical place in the Berkshires. I look forward to it more and more every year.
Of course I don’t bring my jewelry making supplies, but I do always bring a sketch book and this is the time of year when I do most of my jewelry designing. The house has a pool and my favorite thing to do is to sit by the pool with my colored pencils and brand new sketch book. Yes I buy a new one every year and date them. That way I can see how my designs change from year to year. Or not. I also buy myself a new silver metallic pen. I love those pens.
I also really look forward to riding my bike in the Tyringham valley. To me there is nothing so special as the feeling I get when I ride on this road. My first few days out there are spent just decompressing. I find it hard to even speak. I relish the quiet, the sound of the birds, the mountains, the sound of the rain on the roof (although not too much rain I hope).
I still haven’t figured out which books to bring. I may try reading Hitch-22, the new book by Christopher Hitchens. He annoys me sometimes but I hear the book is good beach/pool reading.

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