Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chesterwood and other Musings

t has been 3 days since I returned from vacation and I am trying hard to adjust. The hardest thing for me is being inside all day after being outdoors for two whole weeks. Between swimming in the pool and bike riding, it was a perfect existence. Although I did get some disappointing news last night about the house. The folks who rent it out to us are going to stop renting it out for the month of August. This doesn’t affect us yet but it is clear that eventually they will not be renting it out as much since their family needs are changing and they will need the house all summer at some point.
So we have it again for next year but after that, who knows. I guess we will have to search for a new house to rent.
We have thought about buying property out there but it is pretty expensive. I suppose if we were considering retiring there it would be a good idea but just for the summer? It just isn’t feasible. I could never see myself living out there all winter long. Too cold. Too lonely. I love the country in summer. There is nothing quite like it. But in winter it is another matter entirely. I have lived in the country in winter and was never so depressed in all my life. Winter is bad enough but at least in the city you can go outside and see people. It doesn’t seem quite so lonely.
Well, I am not going to think about any of that now. I will just savor the good vacaton feelings for now.
By the way, the photo above was taken at Chesterwood. They have a great show there this summer if you are in the area.

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