Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Musings.....

beacon street, originally uploaded by Roberta Warshaw.
Well, the piano is in. It looks really great in the spot we placed it. It just needs to be tuned and then it should be all set. I am looking forward to reconnecting with my piano roots.
I didn’t do much jewelry this weekend. I find it hard to stay indoors when the weather is so perfect. I have been enjoying biking in the Arboretum every weekend. It is about a 13 mile round trip from my place in Brookline. A good length ride for me. I used to be able to ride much further but 15 miles is about my limit these days. Hey whatever, I’ll take it!
Whenever I go to the Arboretuem and sit at the top of Bussey Hill, I am mindful of the fact that a place like that could never exist today. No city would ever allow that much land (265 acres) to be allotted to green space. We are very lucky that our fore bears set aside the land they did when they did because now developers run the show. Their idea of green space now is a bench on a patch of grass in front of a condo building. It sickens me. It really does. What are we leaving for out children and grandchildren?

I am a member of an organization called Trustees of Reservations They do their best at trying to preserve large tracts of land but as land gets more and more valuable it gets harder for them to get people to donate their land.

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