Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Blue Spruce and Memories

The first time I saw this blue spruce at the Arboretum, it made me cry. I know that is pretty ridiculous right? The tears just came out of nowhere. I was riding my bike in the peace and tranquility that is the Arboretum. Enjoying all the huge trees and the healing sense they give me. Then suddenly I saw this one and the sweet memory of my grandmother came rushing in.

I spent a large part of my childhood at my grandmother's house in Newton. In those days, everyone seemed to have a grandparent living in Newton! My grandmother (or Nana as I called her) had a tree in her yard very much like this one. Not as large of course. This one is much older than my grandmothers tree was. But you just don’t see trees like this anymore. Sadly, many of them have been cut down to make room for yet another overly large house and the ubiquitous lawns that seem to go with them. Since this one is protected at the Arboretum, it still stands proudly.

My grandmother adored me and I her. She never stopped spoiling me. My mother, being rather strict, would never let me eat candy or stay up late to watch horror movies. But Nana would take me to the A&P (where Whole Foods is now) and buy these giant over-sized Hershey bars for us to snack on. We would crawl into her bed late at night and watch Frankenstein or the Mummy until the wee hours eating candy. Or we would go out for ice cream to Brighams and get ice cream cones with jimmies on them. (Sprinkles for those of you not from Boston).
Often she would take me to Woolworths (yes a store from a bygone era) and buy me toys. I still remember a doll called Betsy Wetsy. I know I am really showing my age on that one. Betsy Wetsy was of course just what she sounds like. She came with a bottle and two holes. One in her mouth and the other...... well, you know where.

Very often I would rummage through Nana’s drawers and play dress up. She had lovely silk scarves that I would wrap myself up in like a sari. There were gorgeous hand beaded bags which I still have tucked away. I really should display them. Of course there was the jewelry. I really think my love of jewelry began in those drawers. Most of it was costume jewelry. My grandmother was a big woman and wore big jewelry. Much larger than I would ever wear now. But in those days I was small and the bigger the jewelry, the better!

Funny how seeing one tree conjured up all these memories of my grandmother. I miss her every day.


Patty Harrington said...

Found you on twitter...then read your blog
My Nana had huge blue spruces in her yard. I spent lot's of time with her, visited the same stores, and had ice cream with jimmies too. I think of my Nana everytime I sit at the sewing machine, because that's what we used to do together.

jamberry_song said...

These are beautiful memories. I don't feel it is odd to find a touching reminder in nature of things you love. It is very magical and very important. :) What a beautiful post.

Roberta Warshaw said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Newton does seem to be heavily populated with grandmas. What's up with that? I had a grandma there too, but she was the polar opposite of yours...emphasis on polar. Anyway, very nice piece--touching, sweet, from the heart. --Carol