Monday, August 2, 2010

Delica Beads and Durability

One of the things I have learned thanks to the wonderful and oh-so-helpful beader, Lidia Cimins, is that some of the Delica beads have finishes on them that do not hold up under certain conditions. This concerns me since I want my jewelry and anything I make out of them to have durability. I have heard that some people spray their beads with Krylon first and that this protects the finish. However, I am not sure that I want to be using that stuff. It is pretty smelly and toxic and I try to keep a green studio as much as I can.
So over the past few days I have been compiling a chart to help me see at a glance which colors are durable and which are not. Lidia directed me to a chart online called miyukidurability. Being a very visual person however, this only partly helped me. So I went to  Fox Den beads and took screen shots of the colors. I matched them up with their durability list and created a pdf that I hope will help me when I am placing orders online for beads.

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