Monday, August 16, 2010

A Mixed bag....

We had a mixed bag of a weekend. Friday we went out to Springfield to the Mineral and Fossil show. Friday traffic was really horrendous and I just wanted to turn around and go home. But of course on the Mass Pike there is no turning around. You are stuck there, with the windows rolled up, so as not to breathe in all the exhaust fumes for what seems like an eternity. The time spent sitting there can never be recovered.
By the time we got to the exposition center it was way past lunch time and of course the food stand was a scary mix of hot dogs and hamburgers. Foods I just will not eat unless I am stranded in the desert with nothing...and even then I would have to be at deaths door. Anyway, they had warm pretzels so I got one of those. It was so salty. Blech. I scraped off what I could and ate it.
After walking up and down the aisles, I didn’t see anything that excited me too much. After all, once you have been to Tucson anything else pales in comparison. I did meet a wonderful paleontologist with some incredible fossils. He had real dinosaur eggs! As I held one in my hand it occurred to me that I was holding in my hand something hundreds of millions of years old. Pretty impressive. I bought a trilobite fossil for my grandson.  He was quite happy to add it to his collection of rocks and other assorted interesting ephemera.
My husband bought a few things. Ever since I took him to Tucson last winter, he has discovered that he likes geodes and minerals that have been carved or shaped in some way. So he has started a small but interesting collection which I will photograph and post at some point soon.
After the show we drove up to Northampton where I paid a visit to WEBS bead store. They have a wonderful selection of delicas and tohos. I was in bead heaven in there and somehow managed to spend over $100. The only problem was that I forgot my Myuki durability list and so I bought a few beads that have color fading issues. I am going to have to spray those with Krylon before I use them. By then we were in serious need of a sit down so we headed for the local coffee shop where we had a much needed iced coffee. Afterwards it was on to the Raven bookstore. “The Raven” is a fantastic used book store in Northampton. If you are ever in the area do make it a point to stop in. They have so many books! I always find something. I found a wonderful book on Indian textiles and a book on magic tricks for my magician grandson.
After a lovely vegetarian dinner at Paul and Elizabth's  we headed home.  I kind of wish we would have planned to stay overnight in Northampton. It would have made the trip more relaxing. Oh well. Next time.


jamberry_song said...

Oh dear, sounds exhausting and disappointing. Sorry you didn't have to great a time there. And I sympathize about the Mass Turnpike. Wretched. :(

I'll be looking forward to your pictures of your husband's collection, though!

Roberta Warshaw said...

I know right? Sometimes the Pike is clear sailing. Other times, you sit there for hours for no apparent reason. Once it took us 5 hours to get to Northampton to take a cheese making class. I do love the Berkshires though! Sometimes you just have to put up with it I guess.....does take some of the fun out though!