Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

I have decided to take the last week of the summer off from work as a sort of mental health week. I really need some down time after a very busy summer of making his lunches and taking Ethan to the bus for camp every day. Both he and my daughter will be going away for that week and I will have the entire week to myself. I really need to get in my studio and clean. It is a mess in there. More so than usual. When I can’t even stand to be in there, you know it must be bad.
Also, I want to ride my bike as much as possible since once September comes I don’t ride as much. Too cold, too windy, too something. I am what you call a fair weather cyclist. I can’t stand riding in anything but the most perfect warm conditions. What can I say. I will never make the Tour de France.
I want to do some beading of course. That seems to be a given these days. I have to say that I feel a little guilty. Over the past few years I have spent thousands of dollars on jewelry making tools. Every time I take a class and learn a new technique, I buy the tools. I have an entire set of anticlastic tools I bought from Micheal Good. Of course these are extra special because he hand-makes all his tools for class. Then there are all the third arms, the various fluxes, the hammers, oh the infinite hammers, the pliers, the very expensive steel dapping tools, the wooden dapping tools, the round mandrels, the oval mandrels, the flush cutters of every conceivable brand. Then there are all the gems, the pearls, the wire, sterling, fine silver, the enamels. I did trade in all my unused sheet recently in exchange for metal clay from Rio. That alone was almost $600 worth of sheet.
Some of the things I have learned about making jewelry are that you may not like all the techniques. Some take more patience than others. For example I learned early on that I hate soldering. I loved the anticlastic raising but it gave me horrible pains in my wrists. Reluctantly, I had to stop.
Same with the enameling. I loved it, but all the sanding and stoning was causing my wrists a lot of pain.
So I guess I will just be happy that the metal clay and the beading don’t seem to bother me and keep doing those things and try not to feel too guilty about all the expensive tools that just sit there. Good thing I never did buy that rolling mill.


jamberry_song said...

Aw. At the very least, you can sell some of those tools to either put back into supplies for the stuff you actually do, or you know, a little pocket change never hurt anyone. If you can part with them, that is. I know how hard that is myself, because it can make one feel downright awful to give up on a hobby. Anyway, time off sounds like a blessing and I hope you figure the rest out. *hugs*

jamberry_song said...

P.S. Gorgeous butterfly photo!

Roberta Warshaw said...

Thanks. It was taken at the Tucson Botanical Gardens last winter. They have a lovely butterfly house. I liked this photo as this one is a little bedraggled, like me!
I will probably keep all the tools. You never know when one of them just might come in handy!

Pretty Things said...

It's hard figuring out what if your thing. I can totally sympathize about buying so much stuff -- I do the exact same thing, and so much of it sits untouched.