Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Class

I had a lovely class this weekend with Michela Verani at Metalwerx. It was a very small class. There were only three of us so it was more like a private lesson. Michela is a wonderful teacher and very approachable. I like that in a teacher. Very often you don’t get that. But you could ask her anything and she shared her knowledge freely and easily.

The class was about making your own textures for Metal Clay. It was an eye opener for me in many ways. I finally got to see what was meant by “tear aways” and also PPP (Photo Polymer Plates).

I liked both of those processes but I am not sure I will use them. They are quite complicated and require the use of a specific type of laser copier that may well be going out of production at some point. That coupled with the fact that the type of Sculpey you are supposed to use (the one with phalates) will be going out of production in December, makes the process less inviting to me.

What I did like was making a texture in polymer clay and then baking it. That is fairly lo-tech and now that I know I can use my oven to bake the clay, I will try it. I was always told not to use the oven but if you use plastic baking bags and contain your piece  in that, no plastic polymers get into your air or your oven. So I will try that.

Also, I very much enjoyed the embossed paper technique. This was my favorite of all the techniques. Since I have an extensive background in painting and drawing, I can make my own art and get a nice tight design this way. I have quite a bit of left over water color paper from my years of painting that I can use for this purpose.

I hope to post some photos soon!

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