Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ripping out those BAD BEADS!!!

ripped out red beads, originally uploaded by Roberta Warshaw.
I woke up this morning and went right to it. Rip, rip, ripping out beads. I had no choice. My choice of too much of the color red was abominable for my February BJP piece.

My inspiration for using this color was in a photo I had seen of red branches against the snow and grey sky. It was a beautiful photo and I thought I would try using red as stems in my Feb. BJP piece. My vision was for some small flowers with red stems in honor of Feb. and Valentines Day. Since I don’t do hearts or anything like that I thought that red stems would be a perfect representation.

How could I have been so wrong? As soon as I did the stems I thought uh oh. This is not going to work, but I kept going anyway. I thought it could get better with the addition of some black sky with gold flecks for snow. It only got worse. Then I thought OK I will add white and gold for the snow. Well the white looked fantastic with the flowers but the red and the black were getting increasingly worse.

I should have known really. Having been a painter for many years, I rarely used red. Well, I did use red but it was alizarin red. Alizarin is a very blue purple red. Plus I always mixed it with viridian green to make an earthy brownish red. Not a bright, aggressive, cadmium red. It was a color I rarely used. Unless it was for one single dot of color somewhere where it was used as a highlight. Never a steady stream of cadmium red so why did I ever think cadmium red beads were going to work for me?

When I first started buying beads I bought many colors including primaries. I had seen so many wonderful beaded pieces created using primary colors. I thought I could too. But I never painted with primaries. Why on earth did I think could bead with them? They are just not my colors at all.

Now what will I do with all those bright yellows, blues and reds I bought?

PS As you can see I did leave the red centers on the flowers. The red looks fine as just a teeny, tiny hint of color.


Robin said...

Oh yes, the lessons we learn from our beads... To have the courage to rip and try something else is so admirable! I'm glad your new solution makes you happy and agree that the red flower centers are perfect!

By the way, what are the flowers? They're lovely!

Robin A>

Roberta Warshaw said...

The flowers are made from PMC. I love making my components out of it!

Unknown said...

I have the same problem with red. I love the color, especially with blue (which tones it down a bit) but when I use it, I almost always take it out. Too intense? A little goes a long way. I think red stems is a great concept. Maybe try it again another time. Don't you love the doves with red feet?

Lora Hart said...

Hmm... I'd like to see a photo of the red stems. They sound beautiful to me.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. The fine silver bezel around the doll was actually very easy to form and solder. The bezel wire is very pliable and easy to bend with your fingers. The oval was harder.

Roberta Warshaw said...

Lora, I assure you they were really awful. Too matte. Too red. Too much!

Paola said...

How wonderful!
Congratulations on a nice little gem!

Ann Gorbett said...

Hey Roberta-so glad to reconnect with you. Your beadwork is stunning. And now that I am a follower, I can't wait to see more!