Monday, February 21, 2011

First day Back to Work

Well it didn't last long today. I waited for the T in the snow for what seemed to be an eternity. I finally decided to get a cab as i sometimes do in winter when it is just too cold to wait.

Getting out of the cab, I slipped on some well hidden ice and fell. I fell on my right leg and ankle. After hobbling into work, everything began to ache so I caught another cab and came home. I have ice on everything I can put ice on and the rest of me is resting on my bed.

I sound more upbeat in this post than I am. I don't think I broke anything but I hurt all over. Especially emotionally. I didn't want to come back here in the worst way. And now here I am staring at the snow and falling on the ice.

I do have some nice Kim Klassen textures to play around with so I'll try and do that in order to keep my mind off everything.


Unknown said...

Oh I am so sorry! It is spring here in the hill country of Texas. I have all the windows open and the birds are singing. I wish you were here!

Lynn said...

Oh Roberta! That's awful!! Sounds like a glass of wine and hot bath are in order. Hang in there my dear, every minute brings us closer to spring, right???!!

Robbie said...

Be careful!!! You might have sprained or tore something so trust your body!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you were hurt, Roberta! I hope it isn't serious!