Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunrise in Tucson

Sunrise in Tucson, originally uploaded by Roberta Warshaw.

Well, sadly it is here. My last morning in Tucson. End of the vacation. Finis. I woke up extra early today and caught this wonderful sunrise. It was an extraordinary send-off I think.

Yesterday was our last full day here and we did it up to the fullest. During the day we hiked a trail in the Saguaro National Park. That place is certainly one of the most wondrous places I have ever been to. It is so quiet there. For me quiet is something I never get. Between sirens, trolley noises, and all other manner of city noise. Well, there just isn't any. But this place is serene and magical and I plan to hike more when I return next year.

Last night we saw Winton Marsalis at U of A. It was a fabulous note to end on! Pun intended!


Lori said...

Gorgeous Sunset! It sounds like you had a Great trip!

Lori said...

I meant to say sunrise--(Haven't had enough coffee yet this morning!

Anonymous said...

Tucson had a very nice way of saying "adios".