Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tucson: Day 4

Tubac, originally uploaded by Roberta Warshaw.

Today we visited a teeny tiny town south of Tucson called Tubac. It is a very cute town with a lot of history and so much art that it is hard to take it all in in one trip. I took so many pictures of colorful pottery and chotchkes, but these 4 guys really got me!

On the way back to Tucson we went through a border checkpoint where our car was sniffed by scary looking dogs and men with big guns. Honestly, tell me again what the problem is with Mexicans? They seem like perfectly nice people to me. I am sure they have bad people too as we do but really is all this necessary? I just don't get all the fuss....

Anyway, some time I'd love to go south of the border but they say not to go right now so perhaps another time....

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