Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got Water?

Now that I am back, I am beginning to upload more photos from my trip to Tucson. I only just now realized that I can upload my photos directly from iPhoto. Who knew? All this time I have been making copies of them, putting them in a folder on my desktop, and then going to flickr to upload them.


I am always amazed at the things my Mac Book Pro can do that other systems cannot. Although now I am quite jealous of my husband’s brand spanking new Mac Book Pro. Mine is all of 3 or 4 years old. Computer lives are like dog years. 1 year equals 7!

Oh well, no new computer for me right now. Summer camp tuition is coming up.

So back to my photos:

It was more than a little bit odd to see this water in the midst of the desert but there it was. And it was cold water! Freezing cold water! And do you see that lovely rock wall damn on either side? That was built during the WPA back in the late 1930’s. Back when the government found jobs for people to do as opposed to being unemployed for 99 weeks. What happened?

I try to keep politics off my blog but hey, why can’t/don’t we do things like that anymore?


Anonymous said...

Besides being beautiful, that water in Sabino Canyon is especially significant in the desert.

Bobbie Casey said...

Yes, I agree with above comment. Los Angeles is really a desert. If it were not for water works done in long past times Arizona, California, and Nevada would have a lot less population.