Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Mystery of the Mystery Flu

April BJP 2011, originally uploaded by Roberta Warshaw.
Today is Day 6 of my mystery flu. I say mystery because it is a mystery to me how I managed to get sick again. I eat well, I exercise religiously, and I get a flu shot each and every year. And yet, here I am on day 6 of this absolutely horrible flu. I think I am getting better. I say I think because sometimes I think I am better and then…BOOM, I am down again. For example, I thought I was better yesterday until I awoke in the middle of the night with excruciating pains in my lower back and thighs. It has been an ongoing symptom in this illness but last night was B-A-D.

I do sometimes wonder about these things. Did someone release a germ just to see what would happen. So many people have this right now, as we speak, and in all areas of the country. Even a few fellow bloggers in England have been stricken.

I do want to apologize to everyone who put up with my rant on Saturday. I was so angry about being sick again I was really putting it out there. Believe me, if you thought I was bad on my blog; imagine being home with me that day. I was angry at the world…

On the second day, my anger turned onto alternate bouts of sleeping and crying…why me, I don’t have time for this, what if I get pneumonia and die, blah blah blah…total self pity.

By Monday, I had gathered all my items and took to my bed. I had my tissues, my tissue bag, my cough drops, my Tylenol, the remote, the laptop, and glass of water. I was settling in. I was determined NOT to get out of bed until I was better. And so for the past 6 days I have been in bed reading blogs, watching movies, sleeping etc. My mom called and thought it was a bad idea to stay in bed. She thought I should be on the couch. But bed is better. I can spread out and everything is here. What’s not to like other than being sick! It is a little scary but I can see how being in bed can be fun. After all Edith Wharton wrote all her books in bed. Long hand. Matisse did all his cut outs in bed. Hmmm.

I also watched a couple of interesting movies. One called “Eat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts. I thought it was great. I love her anyway. And Javier………swoon. I also watched a rather old movie called “The Day of The Locust” from 1975. A terrifying look at Hollywood circa the 1930’s. I have never seen Donald Sutherland so frightening. And Karen Black was mesmerizing. I can’t believe she wasn’t a bigger star after that movie. Really. The climax came as a total apocalyptic surprise. Just terrifying.

Last night it was supposed to snow. Thank god it missed us. I couldn’t have taken it.

So, of course I have not done any work on my April Bead Journal project since I got sick but I thought I would post it in it’s incomplete form anyway. So you can see how it is coming along. I do like the colors. Especially the green in the fields.

Oh oh. I spoke too soon. It just started snowing………………stop me before I leap from my balcony. (Don’t worry I am only 2 floors up)


Unknown said...

don't jump! i am spending a lot of time in bed as well, but i am doing more each day. i am still slowly, very slowly trying to finish my piece for march and here you are on april? i like the fields!

jamberry_song said...

I love beading on my bed, where I can spread everything out all around me. I don't do it so often, though; I'm afraid people will think it is gross. Speaking of beds, I just heard a guy talking about how John Lennon loved laying in bed all the time. I guess that kind of puts the "bed ins" into some new significant context, right? XD I hope you find some relaxation in beading and that you feel better soon!!

Robbie said...

Remember 'stress' will make you sick! Take care of yourself!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I know that s*** jump, really I do. And I had to listen to Terry everyday for two weeks wondering when he is going to get well. Now his father has it and my mother in law calls everyday and we get to listen to her complain about him complaining to her he is sick ~lol~

Come on SUN!!! Warm us all up quick!!
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

That flu sounds nasty! We haven't had that version in this are, thank goodness! I hope you get rid of it soon... spring is coming!

Anonymous said...

That really sounds dreadful, but I do like the staying in bed until your better plan.
Hope you start feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're on the mend. I had that annoying cold and then the cough that lasted weeks. I still have it somewhat.

Anonymous said...

Take care. A positive is that having these crappy bugs builds up immunity to the next round that comes through.
-Dana (Toadflax)