Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bail Needed!

Better with the bail, originally uploaded by Roberta Warshaw.
I think this bail is just what was needed for these pieces. All the drilling wasn't working and I was ruining far too many of these. Besides they are more pendant-like than bead-like I think.

Now I need to create matching clasps and I may have neck wear yet! The black beads in between the clay beads are some onyx I have had around for a while just waiting for a project. I think that the bronze color looks good with the black. I am also waiting for an order of 2 mm Buna Cord and rubber o-rings to use instead of this thin leather cord. It just isn't substantial enough.

I am a little disappointed in myself as far as color goes. I can't seem to get there yet. I make Maggie Maggio's color scales and they look fantastic but I cannot seem to translate them into jewelry. I think I have worked in metal for so long that making the transition to color is harder than I thought.

Weird considering I was a painter for so many years and color was always my thing. I think perhaps because the jewelry I wear myself is always metal with perhaps a bead or gem. But not all color all the time.

I'll get there. I am sure of it.


Faye said...

Beautiful new work Roberta!
I agree, the bail is an (elegant) addition.

The pieces in color will come - your painter's soul will find its path into your wearable art. Some aspects of creation simply must unfurl, arrive, become-part-of in their own time. On their own schedule. Forced they suffer. Ignored they clamor, lol. In-between there's simply the waiting, lol

Can't wait to see the painterly version(s) of your pendants when(ever) they arrive :-)

Bobbie Casey said...

Roberta, I find this very comfortable to see. Nothing glares out and annoys. The shape and color work well together. I would like this if I saw it in a shop and probably would want to buy it and then it would be joyful to wear. It is like another artist whose work I collect: techno/romantic. I like the use of negative/positive shapes being repeated throughout the necklace. It is interesting to see the process you go through, too.