Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chihuly at the MFA

Chihuly Exhibit @ DeYoung Museum, originally uploaded by chrisheuer. Photo copyright by Chris Heuer.
What a wonderful way to celebrate the first nice, sunny day in a very long time.

We walked over to the MFA to see the new Chihuly Exhibit.

Today was the members only preview but we still stood in line for hours to get in! It was absolutely worth the wait.

The dark background in the gallery really set off the colors. And oh what colors! The reds were so.......well....... RED! Deep alizarins and bright, highly saturated cadmium reds! Luscious!

There were some pieces where he used more earthy tones, which is something I hadn't seen before in his work. One chandelier was all muted ochres, browns and beiges. Some of the newer baskets were a cloudy ecru color. Still breath taking.

The pieces were all staggering in their beauty. Each more than the next. All I could hear around me were people gasping at the immense beauty of it all. To see all that color in one place after the many, long grueling months of gray days! A feast for sore eyes as they say!

The above piece was titled Mille Fiori. I was inspired by both the shapes and colors, Especially the way he uses simple stripes in many of the stems. Stripes are something that work well in polymer as well. Maybe some of this beauty will rub off on my polymer work. I can only hope.


Unknown said...

I am a big fan. I met him in Dallas after heating his lecture. Lucj=ky you to see this new exhibition.

Lori said...

IT is a Gorgeous Exhibit and I am in awe everytime I see a Portion of it. Dale is a wizard!

Robbie said...

Chihuly's work is so great! Have you even seen the art quilts my friend did based on some of his sculptures? Just type in Chihuly on my blog to find her pieces. Wonderful!!

Rosaria Williams said...

Wow! Mille Fiori is an apt title. So beautiful.