Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back from Vacation!

It was another memorable Berkshire vacation. The weather was picture perfect so we had lots of pool time. Along with pool time of course goes bead weaving. Although I have to say I didn't complete too many things this time around. I did a lot of ripping out. For some reason I kept missing the elusive "step up" in the peyote stitch. Only finding it at the very end when it was time to zip up. This bracelet is the only thing that was completed and I don't consider it finished since the toggle needs some adjustments.

Plus I think I was missing my polymer clay projects this year and couldn't concentrate fully on the bead weaving.

Oh well.

The rest of the vacation was fantastic. We saw James Taylor at Tanglewood. I never tire of hearing his sweet voice. He had a couple of special guests with him this year. Amy Grant and her husband Vince Gill. I have always liked her music and to hear her again was lovely. She and her husband have a wonderful harmony together.

We also saw Joshua Bell again. Twice. Once at the Saturday morning open rehearsal and then again at the Sunday concert. Both, of course, at Tanglewood. If you have never listened to Joshua Bell, you simply must. He is an amazing violinist. And oh so young and adorable! If you are familiar with the movie "The Red Violin", that is him playing the music for the soundtrack.
We also saw a wonderful exhibit on the grounds at the Norman Rockwell Museum. Robots. You can see the photos I took here.

So back to the business of camp lunches and polymer clay! Not necessarily in that order!


MÂȘ Reyes said...

Veo que has disfrutado de tus vacaciones. La pulsera es bonita. Besos

steufel said...

What a cool bracelet. I love Diane Fitzgerald geometric shapes. And your color choice - great:-)