Monday, August 22, 2011

New Jewelry Exhibit at the MFA

Today I escaped from my studio for a few hours and took a walk over to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the new jewelry exhibit that just opened. Needless to say it was a wonderful display of work. Small but wonderful. There were some incredible pieces there. The one you see above was one of my favorites. I love all the little connections on the pearls.

Whenever I look at jewelry exhibits I hone right in on the connections. I love seeing how stones and beads are connected. Are they cold connected or soldered? Are the jump rings soldered each and every time? Are the wires forged or left round? There was one necklace where the connectors were teeny, tiny coils of the thinnest gold wire. I am always amazed by the small sizes that some jewelers are able to solder and connect. I can barely see them!

I find that it is always good to get out of the studio and my own head and go see jewelry shows. I especially like seeing pieces that were made in another era. Imagine a time when using coral in your work wasn't illegal, nor was ivory. As jewelers, we really have had to adapt to changes in our materials over the past few decades. Gold has become untouchable, and silver keeps going up along with it. As I looked at all the jewelry, I was inspired by the fact that quite a few pieces almost looked like polymer.

So now I am very inspired by all I saw today and will try and get some new work done before we leave next week for San Francisco. We are going out to see my aunt for a few days which is always fun. She is my mom's sister and is always very entertaining!

If anyone has any suggestions for seeing interesting exhibits, do let me know!

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Galen Pearl said...

"I always look for the connections." I know you're talking about jewelry, but that is a great approach to life!