Friday, September 23, 2011

More Phlox, Deep Teal, and Nougat

I hope you are not getting too sick of me posting these pendents! I can't seem to stop making though and I really love these colors. I just thought I would share.

I haven't had too much time in the studio this week. My very good friend's son passed away this week after a 2 year long battle with brain cancer. So I have been busy trying to help her get everything she needs to have people over on Sunday when she returns from sitting shiva in Philadelphia. Life is just too sad for words sometimes.

Plus my mom has a blood clot in her leg so I have been taking her over for treatments for that.

Also all the after school homework business. These kids have so much homework these days and it is not easy! And he is only in 6th grade! I don't understand half of it, so I am of little help. I can help with spelling and those types of things, but science and math...not so much.

Well, enjoy your weekend everyone!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New piece with Klimt Extruder Canes

You may notice  that I am using a sterling silver bail here. Let me tell you why.

Previously I had been making my bails from polymer clay. They were quite lovely and seemed secure. Then I sold a necklace and it arrived broken. The box had not been damaged in any way. I was quite heartbroken over it. I don't make many sales and to have a piece break like that before it was even out of the box felt horrible.

As soon as I learned of it, I went through all of my pieces with polymer bails and tested each one. In every case the bail broke.

Luckily for me, my customer was very understanding and let me make her a new pendant. This time I made it with a sterling silver bail.

The eye pin goes all the way down through the piece. I added an L shape at the bottom of the wire as added security. So in a way, it is a type of armature for the piece. I then made some 16 gauge jump rings and used 2 of them for the cord to go through.

I never, ever want a piece of mine to break. If I ever expect to sell my work, that cannot happen. Jewelry needs to be really sturdy. It gets a lot of wear and tear. Purses pull at it, seat belts tug at it, not to mention people fondling the piece. It has to be able to stand up to some abuse.

I even decided not to make any more polymer toggles. While they look lovely, I am just not going to trust such a stressful point on a piece of jewelry to it. So I have been making sterling silver clasps to go there. I may make some metal clay toggles when the weather gets colder and I can fire up my kiln. I think they would look really pretty AND be sturdy.

I am interested in hearing about what other polymer artists have experienced using polymer bails and clasps.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Extruder Canes

First off, let me say, I am not big on making canes. All that fuss budgeting around with the blends and the rolling and the shrinking and the pounding. I just don't like doing it. I don't mind making striped ingots so much. They are pretty simple and you can do a lot with them. But the canes. Fuggeddabout it.

So imagine my delight when I recently discovered that you could make canes in an extruder. In Maggie Maggio's book titled" Polymer Clay Color Inspirations", she has a section on making these types of canes.

Essentially, all you do is layer circles of varying colors, roll out the log to fit into the extruder, and extrude.

What I really like about it is that every section of the cane is different. All the designs you see in this photo are from the same cane. Even the other side sometimes has a different design on it.

Some people combine the extruded logs together and get what they call Klimt canes. But I like keeping them separate. I feel like I have more control over how they are placed.

These colors are from the Color Palette A week #37. The colors are Red Ribbon, Nougat, Hyacinth and Persian Red. An unusual palette to be sure but I like the way it came out!

Monday, September 12, 2011

More Pantone Fun!

So believe it or not I sold the Phlox and Apple Green necklace I posted on here the other day. I couldn't believe how fast it sold. That never happens to me. Anyway, I am happy about that. It gives me confidence as well as money to buy more supplies.

Today's piece is a bit of a more muted palette. It is still the Apple Green but this time I have paired it with Nougat and Chocolate Liqueur.

I do so love the way those color names roll off the tongue. Much nicer than when I was a graphic designer and it was Pantone color 583 uncoated or coated. Apple green sounds much more romantic!

I have listed this one in my Etsy shop and I will see if this one sells as well.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Color Palette a Week

I am enjoying this color palette of the week very much. It is getting me out of the gold pearl ex rut I was sinking into fast.

The colors this week are apple green, phlox and licorice. I didn't exactly use the licorice, although the leather cord is approximately the color of licorice, so I am going to go out on a limb and say that counts!

I like the way it came out so much I may decide to list it in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pantone Madness

When I was a graphic designer, I lived and died by the Pantone books. The color swatches were used for every book cover and color scheme. it was the only way to be sure that the colors were going to print properly.

When I first started making jewelry, I worked mostly in metal with very little color. It has taken me some time to get back to color in any kind of meaningful way.

A few months ago I purchased an e-book of Pantone spring and fall color forecasts from craftsbyChris, I dutifully made all the samples and then ignored them all summer.

Well, it is time to get involved with color again. I chose Honeysuckle and Coffee Liqueur to begin my adventure. Since pink is a color I don't usually use, I started with that. I love it with the Coffee Liqueur. I love saying those names. Much more interesting than just saying "brown".

I really like Chris's formulas. I know that I did all of Maggie Maggios color tests and exercises, but I really like these formulas. I don't want to have to think about what colors will make what. I just want to pick some colors and run with it. That way I can just focus on the design.

If you are interested in buying Chris's formulas, you can find her here. She really gets the colors spot on. She does all the hard work so that we don't have to.