Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rich Black

In graphic design we use something called "rich black".

What this means is, rather than using just the straight black (which is called "K"), we add equal amounts of CMY (cyan, ,magenta and yellow) to it to make it a richer and deeper black. You wouldn't use it for type but for printing artwork with a lot of black in it, it looks much better than a flat black. The formula is usually 100%K (black), 40% C (cyan) 40% M (magenta) and 40% Y (yellow).

Here I tried it with polymer clay. The black is so rich and deep. I do like it. Of course, I might not use it all the time. For example I am not sure how the warmth of the color would look with say, silver or white pearl ex which are very cold colors. But I may try it and be surprised.

Now that I have delivered all my jewelry to the Brookline Art Center for their upcoming Artist Marketplace, I can play in my studio with no pressure! I can do that!


Unknown said...

It is rich looking. I like it.

Lori said...

I Love it. It is very pretty and looks "antiquish" to me.

Mª Reyes said...

Un color precioso, y me apunto la receta, he de ponerlo en práctica. Besos

Silly... 'Ma said...

Very cool - thanks for the lesson! :)

I've never been to any art classes since Jr High (a rather looooooong time ago) and I'm sure Mrs Vogel never mentioned "rich black.'

me<>< (aka Cindy M)