Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Same color. Two different looks.

My experiments in color continue. I think I may never be done with this phase of experimentation in polymer clay.

Both of these sets of beads were made using the exact same ivory color mix from Lynda Moseley's Faux Ivory tutorial. The only difference being the colors that surround them.

In the top photo, copper pearl ex was used as well as a coppery mixture I created using alizarin red and a bit of gold. Varying the amounts of gold gives a wonderful variety of copper colors to choose from.

In the lower set, I used carbon black pearl ex. Warning: a little carbon black goes a very long way. I am still learning how to control it.

The top beads look almost like porcelain. They remind me of lamp finials.

Anyway, more to come.


Mª Reyes said...

Cada día nos sorprendes con cosas bonitas y con unas explicaciones excelentes. Besos

Kathy Weaver said...

Roberta: I follow your blog daily, and continue to love all your work. I am always looking forward to seeing what you make next! I am totally in love with this technique! Maybe it's time for you to do a tutorial! I'd love to know your technique on doing your wonderful textures on the beads!

Galen Pearl said...

How interesting. I would love to be your shadow for a day while you are in your art zone. I bet you have a lot of fun. And then you produce such interesting things! I spent the weekend working on a paper craft project. Nothing very artistic, but fun!

Judy Martin said...

Roberta, these are very beautiful.