Saturday, February 11, 2012

Color Samples of Ranger Inks

A few months ago I purchased some Ranger Alcohol Inks in a variety of colors. I hadn't really tried them until yesterday. I thought they would be more like paint but how wrong I was!

I am used to painting with gouache, oils and watercolors. These are nothing like any of those. Well, maybe a bit like watercolor but instead of thinning them with water, you use rubbing alcohol.

They do stain everything! You really need to wear gloves with them but I am not too sure how I can paint and wear gloves at the same time. Like chewing gum and rubbing ones stomach!

I decided that before I go any further painting with them, I would need to see how the colors look on plain white clay. So today I am making test boards of the colors as you can see here. The colors are really lovely. I stamped the clay first so I could see how the colors go into the recesses. Also, I added the inks after the clay was cured. I don't like painting on raw clay.

Next, I am going to experiment with my Pinata inks and see how they compare with the Ranger Inks.

I may have to buy some more colors. After all I can never have too many colors of paint, clay or inks!

Stay tuned.


Marie Young (Marie Young Creative) said...

They are great mixed in translucent clay to create a frosted glass effect.

JuLee said...

Don't worry so much about getting the ink on your hands. Yes, it does color them, BUT I have found when you wash your hair, the shampoo washes your hands too. Sometimes there is a bit under the nails, but hey! no one said art was easy (hehe)

Barb Fernald said...

Oh. Hmmm.....a test board. Wish I had thought of that! I still have lots of testing to do when I work with polymer. The ink colors are great. I have only tried them mixed with translucent clay. I love how they look on your stamped white clay. So many options!

Isabel Hinther said...

i usually use the inks with transluscent clay as well. i love using them and although my fingers look awful when i'm finished, i find the ink comes off easily with a good nail brush.
i'd suggest doing a 'baked' test board too, cos i found sometimes the colours change when baked.

Petra Carpreau said...

Hi Roberta,
Just seen you over at my place. W-OW, your beads are incredible! Polymer clay certainly has come a long way!!
I'm off to visit you shop now.