Friday, April 27, 2012

Wonderful Jewelry!

One of my wonderful, repeat customers, Reshma of AhKriti  has blogged today about my beads here. Reshma makes really lovely jewelry and I am proud that she finds my polymer beads worthy of her work. It is very exciting for me to see how jewelry artists use my work. I often don't see that because many times people who buy my beads are collectors and just hold on to them. Which is fine too!

It was Reshma who wanted beads with a decidedly Indian twist and she requested beads with paisley designs. Back when I was in college and high school, paisley was all the rage! I still remember all those wonderful Indian bedspreads we had all over our dorm rooms with the colorful paisley designs. But that was quite a while ago and I hadn't really thought about paisley since then. But Indian design still uses lots of paisley. I had a small paisley design stamp that came with one of my stamp sets but it was really too tiny. I wanted something a bit larger. So I found a set of rubber stamps that had a mix of designs and cut out just the paisley part I wanted. I cemented  it to the end of a dowel and it worked perfectly. I added some floral stamps to the design and they really look nice as you can see from the photo.

Reshma also has a very different color vocabulary from mine and so she really took me out of my comfort zone with both design and color combinations.  I am really happy with the work that has come out of this collaboration from her custom orders and I always look forward to working with her!Paisley necklace peacock blue green polymer clay bead


Reshma at said...

Thank you for this mention Roberta! You have such wonderful designs in your store and your new verdigris creations are simply outstanding! I really look forward to working with you as well!

Mª Reyes said...

Es normal que se usen tus cuentas para la joyeria, esta y todas las que haces son preciosas. Besos

Sarah Sequins said...

What a beautiful bead! I love the paisley and the vibrant colors.

This reminds me... somewhere in the studio I have a little suitcase FULL of stamps I found at a thrift store. I'll have to hunt it down. :)

JenHoney said...

Wow, I like the color schemes you regularly use, but it's so cool to see your work in some shades outside of your comfort zone!