Sunday, May 20, 2012

New stringing ideas

For a while now, I have not been happy with using plain black leather or rubber cord for my new pendants. They don't seem to match too well. I felt like the pieces needed something a bit more elegant.

So last week I bought a book by Joan Babcock called "Micro-Macrame Jewelry. I also bought some of the lovely cord she carries on her web site. It is an excellent book. Don't let the fact that it is in black and white deter you. The illustrations are cute and the knot drawings are perfectly drawn and easy to understand.

At first I was all thumbs! I had done some macrame before, back in the 70's but at that time I used thick cord and the work went rather quickly. With micro macrame the cord is very thin and the work progresses much more slowly.

This piece is done in the square knot in only one direction which is why it twists. I very much like the look with my polymer pendants. I am going to try learning some new knots as well in order to expand and enhance my work a bit. I really do want to be able to make some of these new pieces into actual jewelry as well as just selling the beads alone.

Next I have to decide what I want the clasp to look like. I will most likely do something similar to the handmade clasps I have done in the past since they are rugged and sturdy and stay in place rather nicely.

Oh and I want to thank everyone for their kind and helpful comments regarding my back/spine problems.  It helps to know that you are out there when I need to "talk".


Sandra said...

it looks great! i find macrame is fun and relaxing.

Sarah Sequins said...

I'm loving the way that micro-macrame cord looks with your work!

Joan's work is amazing, and she's a fantastic teacher in person (I took a beaded mosaic class with her awhile back). I'm glad that her book was so helpful!

Anonymous said...

The micro macrame is beautiful and picks up on the flower stalk so well. I find the mechanics of bails and stringing is the most difficult, and it works really well here.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this post! I find it very informative and interesting at the same time.