Friday, June 15, 2012

Landscape Series

landscape series by Roberta Warshaw
landscape series, a photo by Roberta Warshaw on Flickr.

These pieces are quite grueling. I really admire Kathleen's work more and more as I see what goes into these pieces. Of course my favorite part is painting the base. That is the easy part.

My pieces all have air bubbles. We are not talking about the occasional large air bubble, but rather clusters of tiny ones. They are like a rash. Very hard to get out. You cannot see them until the piece is cured.

The other question is how best to frame them. If they are going to be jewelry then they need a place for an attachment. I haven't figured that out yet either.

But for now this is my progress.....needless to say, it is slow going. But I am very challenged by this process and will keep you posted.

Tomorrow I have a one day photography workshop at Metalwerx. I am hoping to learn a bit about taking better photos of my work.


Marlene Brady said...

I try to remember to bake flat pieces upside down. I read somewhere that the air bubbles rise, so it makes sense to bake upside down. The tip doesn't work for jewelry that is curved or sculptural. But, try it and see if it helps. Your piece is gorgeous by the way. I love reading about your process; thanks for sharing. -Marlene

Roberta Warshaw said...

Thanks Marlene! I am trying that right now!

Numinosity said...

I bet there is a lot to learning the finer points of this medium. How nice it is to have good teachers that are so generous to pass on the knowledge of their trial and error.
I think it looks beautiful. I like bubbles too.

Sarah Sequins said...

Bubbles or no, it looks like you're doing a wonderful job on the landscape series! The colors are gorgeous.

Have fun in the photography class! One of these days, I'll have to take one of those -- the last time I tried taking pictures with a digital camera was at Mr. Sequin's graduation, and I took a lovely shot of his mom's neck. :P

Robbie said...