Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice

I have been working hard yesterday and today at all the new techniques I learned in Kathleen's class.

I knew that I would forget something very important. And that is that lamella has only one direction. It has a nap to it and if you put it on in the wrong direction the golden glow is gone. You can see here where I laid one of the pieces in the wrong direction.

I am still not quite adept at carving my lines really well. You can see where I carved out too much in the leaf stem on the far left.

But the good news is, I had NO air bubbles trapped in this piece. I was much more careful at pressing them out this time now that I know what to look for.

I ordered some heat set paints but since they haven't come yet, I used Pantone markers on this piece. Hence the colors are not that great. Plus I only have three markers. A yellow, a blue and a red. Plus a colorless blender. So not too many color options

Once my Genesis heat set paints come I will be able to get my colors the way I want them.

This technique is right up my alley since it is so painterly and my background is in painting. But it is NOT as easy as painting. Especially getting that transparent thin enough. It is like phylo dough. So between the thin gold leaf flying around the room and the clay folding over on itself and sticking to itself, needless to say I had a few times when I had to just walk away.

My mold making has taken a bit of a back seat but when I need something less stressful to do, I know what to do!


MÂȘ Reyes said...

Es maravilloso! Encantador. Besos

Karen said...

What a pretty piece, Roberta! I love its ethereal quality.

Reshma at colorcanopy.blogspot.com said...

Wow! Looks fabulous!

Numinosity said...

I know you'll go far with these new techniques under your belt.

Barb Fernald said...

I love seeing what you are doing with this technique. It looks both hard to do and really fun!

Unknown said...

Even though this was just a practice piece, I think I like something about it even better than your more current pieces. Maybe just the fact that it is more spontaneous, it's hard to pinpoint the compelling element. Nevertheless, keep it up because I think you are on to something here!

CassyM said...

These are beautiful.

CassyM said...

Well, THIS is beautiful. I was looking at some of your other work, too!