Sunday, September 23, 2012


I am still really distraught over my allergic reaction to the encaustic paint. I haven't been able to do anything in my studio at all since.

I feel adrift right now without a medium. I had looked forward to it for so long. I can't even seem to sketch in my sketch book.

I guess I will try acrylics. But honestly I have never had much luck with them. So thick and pasty and they dry so fast, There is no time to play around. I may try the Golden open paint and see how that goes.

But my heart isn't in it. And that is a problem.

One thing that I realized during my short stint with encaustic is how much I still love collage and applique. So maybe that will remain a direction for me. I don't know yet.

Bear with me. I have to snap out of it soon.


Mª Reyes said...

Ánimo, lo superaras. Besos

Roberta Warshaw said...

LOL. Will do!

Laura said...

Hi Roberta, stopped by to see your work there on your blog and simple lovely..sorry to hear of you reaction to the art supplies...uck... no fun there. I do mix my acrylic with mediums just for that purpose of drying out to quickly..and I also use glazing mediums.. Hope things settle down for you..

Anonymous said...

Perhaps try using polymer clay to paint with? No drying time and paint brushes to clean. The challenge is getting soft watercolour blends, and the size is restricted as it needs to fit in an oven. Although I have seen furnature with polymer inlay - maybe it can be cured using a heat gun?