Tuesday, November 27, 2012

City of Gold

City of Gold by Roberta Warshaw
City of Gold, a photo by Roberta Warshaw on Flickr.

I am loving the way the gold leaf looks with the work but it is quite a bear to work with. It flies all over the place, sticks to my hands, and just generally creates havoc in my studio.

I keep the sheets between tracing paper but as soon as I open the paper up all hell breaks loose!

I discovered that if I go around the studio with a piece of my textured tissue paper that has been painted with wet medium, I can just blot up the tiny pieces and create some interesting bits of color with the scraps.

When I try and sweep the scraps, they just blow around...........yikes! I get very impatient chasing them all over and have to calm myself down after a while!

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Judy Martin said...

I love working with gold leaf - and have not done so for a while. You have reminded me.

I'm also really interested in the gelatin prints you have been creating, and shall come back to see more.
Thanks for your comment on my blog - I'm glad that I have visited yours.

Good creativity to you.