Sunday, November 18, 2012


Grasses by Roberta Warshaw
Grasses, a photo by Roberta Warshaw on Flickr.

Originally this was going to be a cactus collage. But then there were these lovely lines and before I knew it, the cactus became the tips of some type of hay or grass.

The element of surprise with these gelatin prints is what keeps me coming back for more. I can plan all I want but as soon as I begin adhering all bets are off.

I am not sure just how much I will be getting done this week painting-wise. I am hosting Thanksgiving this year and for the next few days the house will be filled with all the good cooking smells of the holiday.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I love that it is not religious in any way. Just food and family.

Of course it is always my children's birthdays as well so pumpkin pie always has birthday candles stuck in it.

Enjoy your holidays and don't eat too much!


Rosaria Williams said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Roberta. Do eat to our heart's delight.

Anonymous said...

I really like this one and have been enjoying your creations. Happy Thanksgiving!

Laurence Martin said...

You have a great way with softness in your images!
happy Thanksgiving!

Robbie said...

Beautiful piece! love your new pic on your blog title too!!! Just great!!!!

Joanne Holtje said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
Enjoy the homey warmth of the day.

Barb Fernald said...

I love the new header, too. (Is that what you call the print at the top of the page with your name?) Anyway, these gelatin prints and collages are just beautiful. Your whole journey and transition has been fascinating.
Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!

Candace said...

It's lovely and autumnal. Happy Thanksgiving, Roberta!