Sunday, December 9, 2012

Purple Papayas

Purple Papayas by Roberta Warshaw
Purple Papayas, a photo by Roberta Warshaw on Flickr.

When I lived in the Florida Keys one of my favorite plants to grow were papayas. They are an interesting plant to grow. They grow really fast. About a year and you get fruit. There are male plants and female plants. If you want fruit then you must weed out all the male plants but one for the fertilization of the female plants.

If there were no male plants around then the female plants would become both male and female. You could tell the sex of the plant by the way the flowers hung.

But of course the fruit was always better if the female plant was fertilized by an actual male.

The fruit would hang big and heavy and when they were unripe they were a lovely deep, dark green color. Some people use these as a squash and cook them. But I always liked to wait until they were ripe. When they ripened they would turn a luscious orangey yellow.

They were never purple of course.

But when I began to look at this piece, it reminded me of the way the trunk of the plant looks with the heavy fruit hanging just so. So I am calling it “Purple Papayas” anyway. I can you know. Artistic license and all that.


Robbie said...

Lovin' your work!!! The purple papayas is wonderful!

Joanne Holtje said...

This is cool, Roberta! It is abstract, botanical and anatomical feeling all at once. You achieved something I think is very tricky: a fairly symmetrical composition that is dynamic. NIce!

Hilary said...

hmmmmm ... weed out all the male plants but one if you want fruit? There's a metaphor in there, somewhere! LOL

Beautiful work!