Sunday, February 3, 2013

Save the Post Office!!

About a week ago Jane Davies sent out an APB to all her artist friends to help her save her beloved post office in Rupert VT.

You can see her video and plea here.

This is the card I am sending. I feel very strongly about saving all of our post offices. Even the tiniest ones. With all the e-mail and texting we do now, I think we have too easily forgotten our roots.

There is nothing like a handwritten letter or card. The joy of checking the mail box is a very special feeling. I still remember when I lived in a very rural area and my only contact with the outside world was my mailbox down the road.

It was never too cold or rainy or too snowy for me to trudge down there to see what goodies were in that box. I fondly remember the joy in spring of all the wonderful seed catalogs!

Jane has the most adorable post office. I love the chickens pecking. Some day I will venture up there to see it with my own eyes!


DVArtist said...

I think the post office situation is out of our hands. With that said I do agree with you that we are loosing so much of what made us human and hand written letters is one of them.
Your card is beautiful.

Roberta Warshaw said...

I am sure you are quite right, but for me any excuse to send a postcard will do!

Jane Davies said...

Hey, THANKS!!! Can't wait to see the card in person.

Karen Isaacson said...

I agree - my life is so much more joyful since I started sending mail art two years ago. and I've made friends with my postal workers who take good care of all the crazy mail I get in/send out.

Jane Davies said...

Got the card. It's GORGEOUS!!!!