Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another Accordian Book

The poem is by Anna Ahkmatova, a Russian poet. This was written in the early 1900's.

Here is the full poem:

"Now Nobody Will Want to Listen to Songs"

Now nobody will want to listen to songs,
the bitter days foretold come over the hill.
I tell you song, the world has no more marvels,
Do not shatter my heart, learn to be still.
Not long ago, as free as any swallow,
you rode the mornings out, you braved their dangers.
Now you must wander as a hungry beggar,
desperately knocking at the doors of strangers.

Beautiful poem.


Sue said...

Beautiful poem and a beautiful book.

Candace said...

That is a lovely poem and goes beautiful with your books.

iHanna said...

Oh, how beautiful it is!

Vicki Maheu said...

Your book is lovely!