Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chine Colle

Collagraph #1 by Roberta Warshaw
Collagraph #1, a photo by Roberta Warshaw on Flickr.
My printing workshop this weekend was really wonderful. It felt so good to take a class again even if it was only for one weekend.

I had never been in a real print room before with actual presses! After being in my tiny studio all the time it was quite invigorating to be in such a large space with room for everything!

There were only nine of us in the class so it was really a perfect size. We all had a space to get messy, (inks are very messy) and there were multiple presses so everyone had plenty of opportunities for printing.

There really is nothing like taking a class at an art school. It is very inspiring and made me want to take more classes. I am going to keep an eye on their catalog to see what is coming up, if anything, in the summer.

On the first day of class we walked over to the MFA and had a private showing of some pretty incredible prints by Tara Donovan, Francisco Clemente, and Edvard Munch, among others. They were set up on tables around the room (this was not a gallery setting but a print room/library).

I can tell you it felt pretty special to be viewing these works up closely and in private like that. It was most definitely a highlight of the class.

The piece you see above is called a chine colle. I first carved a plate from foam core, inked it, printed it and then ran it back through the press with the small greenish leaves you can see that are very subtle.

I was surprised at how nice the foam core carves and prints. The first print came out much darker but lovely just the same. I was happy with my first prints and would love to take more printing classes.


Unknown said...

sounds like you had fun!

Unknown said...

Wonderful. I think you are a natural!

Karen Isaacson said...

so beautiful!

Joanne Holtje said...

This is an exquisite print! I am so glad you had such a great time in your workshop.
The energy of a new place, new tools and techniques and all the other students really can be an elixir of art life.

Candace said...

Sounds like a fun and rewarding experience. I love taking classes, too, especially art classes. I could have been a professional student my whole life if money were no object.