Monday, March 11, 2013

X Book with Gelatin prints

In this style of book, both sides of the paper show. Since I don't usually paint or print on both sides of the paper (unless one side is horrible and won't show) I decided to iron two sheets of gelatin prints together.

I did this by coating the reverse side with gloss acrylic medium and letting it dry completely. I then placed them back to back and ironed them with my Jonathan Talbot heat setting iron.

I haven't shown the cover here because I decided to add a bird to it and the medium is not dry yet. I will show it again when it is totally finished,

I will try this again but I will make my gelatin prints with the book form in mind. These were done portrait style and I think it would look better with a landscape style print.

This is a simple book to make really. The pattern can be found in the book Making Handmade Books by Alisa Golden on page 32. It is called the X-Book.

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Caatje said...

Those gelatin print books are gorgeous (both this one and the next). And I love the earthy colours too.