Saturday, April 20, 2013

Accordion With Signatures

Concertina Spine Book by Roberta Warshaw
Concertina Spine Book, a photo by Roberta Warshaw on Flickr.
This is another book from Alissa Golden's Book called "Making Handmade Books." It is called Accordion with Signatures.

I still have not decided what to do about the cover. I am thinking that separate hard covers would be good but I am still undecided. Often I just let them sit a while before I add covers. That way I will be sure to make the right choice.

I thought this type of book would be nice for displaying my collograph prints.

In this book only the spine is accordion folded, with the signatures pamphlet sewn to the mountains of the accordion.

I also decided to glue the mountain folds together since the book was too spread out otherwise.

I really learned so much from making this type of book. I find that I really enjoy the sewing. It is a very Zen activity.


Sue said... that structure...I have that book, I must get it out and have a play.

Carin Winkelman said...

Gorgeous! Love it!

Sarah Sequins said...

Oh, what a fun project! I love little notebooks.

There's a book all about making mini books, and I really want to buy it. There's even a project that lets you make book covers out of seed packets!

Candace said...

That's so cool. My cousin makes all sorts of books, including this type but I don't seem to have the patience to do it. It's lovely and I wish I did as it's a nice way to showcase your work.