Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life is What Happens While You Are Printing

I signed up for another class at Mass College of Art. This time I am taking a 2 day workshop in Japanese Wood Block Printing. I really like printing. It is something I haven't really done much of before. Ever since I took that monoprint class a few weeks ago I am quite hooked! In the past I would carve linoleum blocks to make cute little cards and such but never to make real art.

So this should be a challenging and rewarding opportunity for study. This image is cut from linoleum since I don't have the knowledge or the tools yet for wood blocks. I thought I would just practice a bit and that is what you see here. Practice.

Of course, I have to get through the next brutal weeks ahead first. On Tuesday my husband is having knee surgery. He fell a few weeks ago and tore his quad tendon. The surgery for this is quite invasive. They drill holes in your knee and suture the tendon back to the knee. He won't be able to bend the knee at all since it needs to heal in place. So he will be in a locked brace.

He will be on crutches and out of work for 6 weeks. Yes, you heard me. 6 weeks. That is a long time to be on crutches. And out of work. Although he may be able to work from home after a few weeks of healing. The first few days will be difficult I am sure. He does have the option of staying in the hospital overnight. I have insisted that he do that since it is an option. Very often it is not. That way they can teach him how to get around on the crutches, go to the bathroom etc. Plus they can manage the immediate pain after surgery. I much prefer that.

I am not having my usual Mothers Day brunch this year. I don't want to exhaust myself beforehand. So we are going to try and have a quiet weekend to gear up for the surgery and post op recovery.........

That's it. If you don't hear anything from me next week, you'll know why.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy Mother's Day.


Karen Isaacson said...

I hope everything goes smoothly and healing begins immediately!

Robbie said...

Hoping all goes well with surgery and recovery!!! So glad you're taking the lino class! Wonderful!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good luck to your husband for his surgery. Glad he's staying over since its an option. Too often they kick you out the door because they don't want to bother with getting insurance approval. Smart girl to rest up beforehand.

I can see you'll be posting more great art after that class.

Candace said...

Wow! Best wishes to both you and your husband for a quick and uneventful recovery!

Thread Born said...

Hi Roberta-
I've been enjoying your experiments. Hope your husband's surgery is a success and he has a full and quick (as possible) recovery. I'm looking forward to seeing how your class goes.--Julie

Unknown said...

I wish your husband all the very best.
I went to a work shop on solar printing.....quite a while ago now, it was like magic, I loved the results. I can see your joy and excitement in the printing process....must try lino cuts myself.

Roberta Warshaw said...

Thanks Sandra!