Thursday, August 15, 2013


greenscape by Roberta Warshaw
greenscape, a photo by Roberta Warshaw on Flickr.
In between running around doing errands before I leave for San Francisco on Wednesday, I have been gelli printing like a mad woman.

I got some of my confidence back after I took Carla's class and then through an online blog friend's suggestion, I discovered this video by Jane Davies on using masks and stencils with the plate.

I did a series of these green landscapes and some of them I really like. I am getting a little better with my layering but there is still much to be learned about the plate and all the possibilities. My goal is to succeed in making a piece that does NOT need to be cut up into a collage. So far that has been my modus operandi!

I am determined to create a finished piece using layers and good design.

I am hoping that my husband gets back into the office soon. I really need the kitchen table! He has been working from home since his knee surgery and that means the kitchen table is in use all day long with his computer and large monitor. There is barely enough room to have lunch never mind cutting large sheets of paper or making my own gelatin plates!

As soon as he returns to the office and I can get back into the kitchen I am going to make my own plate. I want to work larger than the 8 x 10 gelli plate I am currently using, The larger plate that the art store sells is $60. I don't want to pay that much so I'll make my own and see how I like that.

I'll try and post one more time before my trip but no promises!


Melva said...

Hello there Carla, love this piece. The colours you are using are really subtle. I find it difficult to use these lovely soft subtle colours. Keep up the good work........ I must try harder.

Joanne Holtje said...

This is particularly nice, Roberta. Mysterious. Floating. Open to interpretation. I really like this, and could look at it for a very long time. In fact, I think I shall!

Gina said...

Lovely results. I really must play more with my Gelli plate.

Celeste said...

Sounds to me as if you need to get your hubby a table - then you can reclaim the kitchen table for your art!!!! :)

alison said...

Gelli plate printing is something I really must do more of, so you have inspired me. An easy relaxing image.