Saturday, November 2, 2013


57florilegium by Roberta Warshaw
57florilegium, a photo by Roberta Warshaw on Flickr.
I haven't been in the studio much this week as it has been a very rough week. The parents, the grandson, life in general.

I did scan in some of the newer works yesterday. I try and scan them in as I make them and go through them but I did get behind. Yesterday I scanned in over 20 new pieces.

I am still quite enamored with the idea of creating ghost prints over ghost prints. It is an interesting process and one which I seem to have more control over than the non-ghost prints. At least in placement etc.

I am still enjoying the process.

I have been trying to create a journal as well. I was having some trouble with the whole idea of writing down my thoughts. It seems I am always worried about someone reading them and so I always censor myself or tear out the pages that really have meaning. I have to get past that somehow in order to succeed at journal writing.

I decided to take an online class from Julianna Coles. Her work is extraordinary. I appreciate the way her journals are not all pretty pictures. You can feel her emotional state jumping off the pages of her journals. Very raw. She calls her work "Extreme Journaling". If you visit her site you will see why.

Well, maybe I will get something done in my studio today. Enjoy the weekend.


Robbie said...

Wonderful piece....I had that worry about my writing(s) too...but you have to write it down..those feelings are important...just find a 'place' only you know where it's at...sad we don't want those folks in our lives to know how we really feel...they should...but we'll still hide our thoughts...don't stop writing...stash journal in your fabrics! No one will look there!!

Sheeprustler said...

Love the picture!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I like this ghost on ghost technique. I think I like this piece the best since you have posted gel prints. I know what you mean about writing your thoughts. Robbie is on track with journaling with fabric. It's what I liked best about the BJP.

Marit said...

Hi Roberta, thanks for the comment on my blog today... I thought I'd come here to answer your question but I am flabbergasted by what I see here... what a wonderful piece of art!! Ghost printing??? I have little time now (it's evening in the Netherlands) so I will have to come back and check it all out tomorrow! Now for your question: "How do you get your journal to lie that flat" - It is the binding. I bind my own journals and this binding makes the pages lay nicely flat. Here's a pic of this binding: (oh, and 'coptic binding' makes for flat pages too!)

Anonymous said...

Lovely work!

Win Dinn, Artist said...

Lovely, lovely piece - that is such an evocative work!