Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Directions

collage on board by Roberta Warshaw
collage on board, a photo by Roberta Warshaw on Flickr.

I have been feeling a little bit uninspired as of late. That happens. It usually means I am tiring of the work and am gearing up for something new to surface. I have a love hate relationship with that state of being. Since I love being happy with the work and waking every day to the latest challenge it brings.

Waiting for the new idea is a bit like "Waiting for Godot." Although unlike Godot, I know it will come eventually.

So until then, I am playing with this new technique I learned and this time I did it on a clay board rather than a journal page. it felt good to be in the paint with a brush this time rather than the brayer.


Threadpainter said...

Hi Roberta,
I haven't been blogging much lately and I am sorry to have missed these last posts of yours … liking this new direction a lot !

Claudia N. said...

Gosh - I am so glad you stopped by my blog and left the nice comment, Roberta, so I found your blog! Thanks!
I will surely visit your place more often to browse your lovely artwork!

Greetings from Vienna,

Claudia - aka die amelie x

Claudia N. said...

Thank you once again for the latest visit, Roberta,

and for your huge laud!

And what you write about being uninspired due to something new inside gearing up to surface is so true. I am actually in the same state and I also know that it is a good thing even though I hate being in this state of a block on the one side and a lot of ideas rolling in my mind on the other side...without getting them into shape exactly.

It takes some learning time to get along with these stages of artistic development I guess. Btw...it is the same with writing poetry ;)

I am not sure actually if it is better to keep my hands busy (doing some "routine") or to stay away from this distraction to keep the road open for those new things to come out... as always this seems to be a matter of the right balance.

Looking forward to seeing your new stuff coming up.

Claudia x

Cathy Savage said...

I like it!

Paper rainbow said...

This looks really interesting Roberta, we all lose our mojo at some point, it looks like this new direction is a great path to take.