Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rives BFK: A Love Affair

Florilegium BFK7 by Roberta Warshaw
Florilegium BFK7, a photo by Roberta Warshaw on Flickr.
I am finally feeling confident enough with my prints to use the "good paper". When I say good I mean good.

I first used Rives BFK in a monoprinting class last spring at Mass Art. It was love at first feel. The paper is like velvet. And every single mark or texture prints so wonderfully.

I bought a full pack of sheets and had used it for making some books but I hadn't used it for the gelatin prints. Let's face it, with the gelatin prints there is so much waste that I could not bear to waste a single sheet of this divine paper.

But now, as I gain more proficiency with my printing, I am able to go ahead and use the "good" paper. The results have been beyond my expectations.


rivergardenstudio said...

Roberta, I love reading this about your printing, and that you are using really good paper now! Have a great week.

Karen Isaacson said...

It always feels like such a tremendous risk to use the good stuff (regardless of what the good stuff is.) I never feel ready or good enough. Yet when I finally invested in good paint, I became a much better painter. I had no idea I was capable of those results - had no idea how much my crappy paints were limiting what I did. (though I still save those paints "for special"). I've never worked with really good paper. I haven't even worked with "pretty good" paper. and I suspect that if I could just get past my fear of messing up and wasting it, I'd be amazed by the improvement in my work. That's a gorgeous print you've got there. I bet it's even more amazing in person.

J.G.Nieuwenhof said...

Roberta, so true. Good paper is a major part of a good print. So satisfying. Thanks for sharing your work. Wonderful. Jen.

Claudia N. said...

Isn't it amazing what a difference good paper makes, Roberta? They really push your lovely prints to the next level (even visible on the picture on the blog). And right you are to use it as your prints are definitely worth it! But "risking" good stuff - as Karen said - I guess you just have to take the leap when your gut tells you that the time is right. Well done ;)
Love your new piece!

Claudia x

Celeste said...

I love to hear someone talk so passionately about something I wouldn't even think about! It is the same when I tell people about how wonderful snakes feel :) I loved reading your post.

Celeste said...

I was wondering how you created your peices - now I know, thanks :) Have a great weekend.