Friday, November 8, 2013

Time to Make a Book

B&Wbookspread4 by Roberta Warshaw
B&Wbookspread4, a photo by Roberta Warshaw on Flickr.

It has been another rather unproductive week for me. Running errands for people, trying to get a swim in, school stuff, etc.

On Wednesday things got so bad I could barely move. But I did make some new prints. I was so upset that I could only work in one color. That way I wouldn't have to think too much. So I just used black and white and some grey.

I like the way they turned out in spite of my state of mind.

I also printed with the gelatin plate for the first time on Rives BFK paper. I know it is expensive paper but if you do any gelatin printing, you should try it on Rives. You may never go back. You have been warned.

The paper is rich and luscious and requires a bit of a firmer touch when you use your baren.

I am going to try and put them all together to make a smallish book. I am not quite sure what type of binding I will do yet. I also need to figure out page imposition for it. That was always my worst moment as a graphic designer. It is always easier to print when the book is already together but for these prints you just cannot do it that way.

Have a good weekend.


Unknown said...

Hey, Roberta - inspiring to think of printing black and grey for a change. I have promised myself a 'day off' tomorrow and was planning on staying home, but now I think I hear the siren song of my gelli plate and the Rives BFK stashed in the corner of the studio!

Connie Rose said...

I do have some Rives, after taking a monoprint class mid-2012, but I haven't used it for gelli printing yet. Guess I'm gonna have to! Your prints are just fantastic!