Friday, December 20, 2013


Complicated Paper before on the right and
after on the left.
I told you last time I blogged that I had purchased a DVD by the artist, Anne Bagby.

Whenever I take a class I almost always come away with ONE thing that I never forget and that really inspires me to create. In this case it was her lesson on making what she calls "complicated paper". I can't stop making this paper! It is so easy and very freeing and a great way to use up all those teeny, tiny scraps of gelli prints gone wrong! It is also a very good way to loosen up your collage skills! I do seem to be a bit rusty since my last collaging episode!

On the right side (I know it is backwards visually) you see the paper in it's raw state. On the left I traced one of my leaf designs and painted and shaded around it.

Complicated paper cut out
You can also cut out a shape from your complicated paper and use that to collage with on your support.

I can't show you how I made the paper. For that you will have to go here and buy Ann's DVD!


Martha Marshall said...

Beautiful!! I am going to resist going there until I get my current little stack of gelli printed papers out of my system. Anne Bagby always inspires me.

Marlene Brady said...

Thank you. Beautiful work as always. As soon as I get some extra $, Anne Bagby's DVD's will be in my library. Can't wait. Wishing you warm holidays. - Marlene

tgarrett said...

I just love your work Roberta- Still haven't forgot about a trade- have been busy with a class and holiday stuff...

Unknown said...

Roberta, this is fascinating and inspiring. I am off to look at Anne's site.
Best wishes at Solstice, sus

marsha said...

cool- will definitely check the video

jackie said...

I have bought her Dvd and Jane Davies'; I have wanted the later for a long time but shipping was too expensive, but that has been free recently,so when its back in stock it will be a late present to myself.