Friday, December 6, 2013

The Brayer as a Brush

I always end up with paper scraps no matter how hard I try to cut the paper so that won't happen. Usually I don't worry about it too much but this is the Rives BFK. To waste it would be sinful! It is such wonderful paper. Can you tell how much I love it?

I was feeling very uninspired yesterday. I thought I was getting tired of my mask shapes but I decided to just load up the brayer and paint the scraps. I loved the fast and furious pace of painting with the brayer. And the textures you get from it are so juicy! You can even get lovely lines from using the side of the brayer!

 Here is what the paper looks like after using the brayer. Very loose!

At first I tried inking the mask and laying it on the plate but that didn't look so great. Then I decided to just lay the mask on the plate on a juicy bed of black paint. I liked that. A lot. You can see more on my flickr site from this series.


Robbie said...

Well, you know I'd love favorite...really a nice piece!!!

artybecca said...

Roberta, your plantlife forms would make cool decoration up the legs of jeans or black pants or the sleeves or hem of a dressy long-sleeve t-shirt. I don't know what sort of coating you'd need to use to protect the paint but PYM II seems to work on almost anything...maybe it would protect the ink enough for normal wear and washing.

Connie Rose said...

I love painting with a brayer! Great work, you!