Saturday, January 4, 2014


Vase With 3 Pods- Collage on panel-8 x 8 $100

It has been so cold here and so snowy that I haven't been out of the house in days. This is not like me since I am usually out and about every day running errands, going swimming etc. I am hating this feeling of being housebound but walking around in the snow is too hard around here. I end up in the busy streets and it becomes too dangerous. Hopefully by Monday everyone will have their sidewalks shoveled and I will be mobile again. I haven't been swimming in over two weeks. I don't enjoy going when the schools are on vacation. The pool becomes a yucky mess.

All is not lost however. I have been busy in my studio every day which is a joy in itself. I am still cutting up some of the gelli prints into collage materials. Some of the colors are  really wonderful. So much so in fact that I have begun using the plate just to make colored papers. I don't use any textures other than the one that comes from the brayer. I mix up a nice color and get it as smooth as I can and then print it. By not cleaning the plate I can keep adding color and getting new and exciting mixtures that all relate to one another. I like that there are no brushstrokes either as these can be problematic sometimes when I don't want texture at all.

Array of colored papers
Strips collaged onto one another
In these two photos you can see what I am talking about. The top photo is of the solid colors and the second photo is where I have taken two different but related colors and appliqued them together. I get a lovely organic stripe that way and can choose my colors carefully.

That is it for today. Stay warm everyone and for those of you already in warm places, enjoy your good fortune!


JenHoney said...

Hi Roberta, beautiful works. I saw one of your prints on Pinterest and was totally perplexed as to why your name rang a bell but your work didn't. I did some digging and realized that I used to follow your bead-work back when I was making beads a few years ago (as Honey Bijou). How funny that both of our interests evolved in the same direction!

Paper rainbow said...

I love your vase collage, those papers are yummy, especially the paper strips. It is interesting that you are just using the brayer for texture on the paper. Hope it warms up soon. In the uk we just seem to be getting rain and storms.