Thursday, February 27, 2014

Got Tucson!

Ventana Canyon
Believe it or not this trail is right out back behind the condo we rented this year. I think I told you that we usually stay at the Westward Look when we come out here to Tucson but this year since we wanted to come out for two weeks we decided to find a condo. I was a little nervous renting a place sight unseen but I found this place on VBRO and just went for it. I spoke with the owner by telephone and she seemed very nice. We have all heard of all the scams out there so it was hard not to worry but as it turned out the condo is very real and very lovely in a perfect setting. We will come back again to it next year!

Out in back is the trail for the Ventana Canyon trail. It is rated extremely difficult so I never made it to the top but some of it is fairly flat, and so I did maybe a mile of it. Anyway it is a good walk! I did see a rather large kitty footprint and it was then that I turned back since I was hiking alone! The trail is used a lot so I was never really alone. Lots of people passing me up and down!

Yesterday we had a lovely visit with an artist I have long admired, Beata Wehr.  We bought one of her lovely encaustic paintings. She is currently having a show at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. If you have an opportunity to see it you really should. Her work is wonderful and she is a very nice person as well!

Oh, and we also became members of Tohono Chul Park. Now we can go there as many times as we want. The most beautiful place I know.

Well, off to go hiking. Too nice to stay in! Talk soon!


Celeste said...

Woo-hoo! You are in the desert sunshine. How wonderful. I hope you are having fun and I can't wait to see your posts and maybe some art pieces inspired by the desert?

Robbie said...

So glad you are having fun and relaxing!! Continue to enjoy, my friend!!!